3. ago, 2017

Music connects people

In all these years I don't know how many songs I sang! A lot! All I can say is that singing is a way to communicate emotions. It is amazing how music can connect people that until one minute before they don't know each other. It happens often that people stop and listen meanwhile I am singing and this is a reason of proud. It happens many time in LA LUNA lounge on MSC DIVINA, or in BAR DEI POETI on MSC POESIA, my first ship. And then again on MUSICA, MAGNIFICA, ORCHESTRA and LIRICA where I spent 6 months by myself in NELSON PUB having a very good time...

During all these years I collected many notes left from the guests satisfied. Of course the most I have done with my beloved husband and partner Gregory Jack Patton who has been a real inspiration for me to open my horizon on the American music and to get to know artists incredible talented. Here I am leaving some of threse notes which will remain forever in my heart and that will lead me to be even better! These letters are more then a recomendation, they are a e declaration of love and support! Thank you.

from Iris Brady, Florida

...I'm lucky enough to live here in So FL, which allows me the opportunity to cruise frequently. Cruising is my passion, my comfort place. I'm the organizer of a Meetup travel group consisting of just under 1,500 members. I, personally, have cruised MSC 10 times, 8 on Divina and 2 on Poesia. Of course, I've cruised just about every other cruise line who home ports in Florida. None even remotely come close the entertainment provided by Ameritalian, not in any lounge on any ship, including Divina. La Luna is the most popular lounge of all, many times standing room only, and still they come. 

It goes without saying, Greg and Sonia are mega-talented with a huge variety of music and song for every genera and for all ages. The hiddens that most don't see is their extraordinary ability to "connect" with passengers, their high energy and the positive vibe they bring to the lounge. They're gracious, warm, and accommodating to all. When you enter La Luna, we are all "family". These are not things you can cultivate, they were born with this ability to "connect".



...from Mr. Roger and Theresa Ackley, Florida

August 30, 2017

My wife, Theresa and I have known Sonia Milan and Greg Patton for about 6 years. We first met on a MSC Cruise to Bermuda and subsequently several MSC cruises out of Miami on the Divina.

We really enjoyed their shows on the first cruise and were delighted to see that they were transferred to the Divina sailing out of Miami for subsequent cruises. We always looked forward to seeing and listening to them on our next cruises. I have even emailed Sonia to assure they were still on the Divina.

My wife and I were dating on the first cruise to Bermuda when we met them for the first time. Then on a second cruise we were engaged and on a later cruise we were married. Sonia and Greg would always greet us and show interested on our status. On the events of our engagement and finally our marriage, we received such special attention and musical dedications and they were very always very happy for us. This tells you that they are caring people.

We generally go to the main theater show in the evening and then hustle to the bar wherever they are performing. Generally on the first night of a cruise returning cruisers, people who know of them are there and rekindling old friendships. From the second through the final night of the cruise, the crowds grow and grow as people hear them perform, like what they hear and continue to return for their musical performances as they have repeatedly been the best entertainment on the MSC Divina.

Many times I have seen the Captain and his guests come into the lounge to hear and dance to their music. I have personally praised Sonia and Gregg to the Captain as the best entertainment on board his ship and he has always agreed.

It is our opinion that MSC has lost their best entertainment ever. I will gladly change cruise lines to stay faithful to these performers. I think the world of them as the persons they are and the talent that they offer.

Much Love
Roger and Theresa Ackley 


from Alana and Scott De Garmo, Florida

We cruise on the Divina because Ameritalian Duo – Sonia and Greg – make the experience fantastic. Their loyal fans, including us, would not dream of being anywhere else every evening of our cruise. We sit and listen to them for hours. Their versatility and talent know no bounds. They engage passengers and are kind and sincere. We can see that they work very hard, taking request after request after request. Surely you must see that there is standing room only most nights, and how people get seats very early just to secure a good spot. We have cruised 47 times on 10 different lines and Sonia and Greg are far and away our favorites. 

Alana and Scott DeGarmo